January 16, 2008

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Four new models in my list of 2019:

- Traverso  Carlo Palanca pitched at A=440

-  Medieval tenor traverso in D, pitched at A=440  (price: 620 euros)
-  Medieval alto traverso in G, pitched at A=440  (price: 520 euros)

-  Medieval soprano traverso in D, pitched at A=440  (price: 360 euros)


Next international exhibitions

- 22-23 march 2019 , Schwelm,  (Düsseldorf, Germany)

Press and Web 

Le Petit Journal

The Recorder Magazine    Autumn 2009,  
Concert reviews,
Annabel Knight playing on Hotteterre

Gabriel Pérsico playing on F.G.A. Kirst

Montserrat Gascón playing on J.H. Rottenburgh

Mafalda Ramos playing on C.A. Grenser

At the workshop,

Lectures on traverso & recorder

"Thomas Stanesby and The True Concert Flute"

A presentation of the baroque flute and the recorder as seen by the famous London maker 
Thomas Stanesby whose workhop produced both instruments, and who, 
still believing in the recorder in spite of its waning popularity, 
built a version capable of playing with the traverso or even replacing it. 
This lecture will be illustrated with duets by Michel Blavet,
harmoniously blending the tone of both instruments.
(Lecture in collaboration with Philippe Bolton, recorder maker)


Many thanks to  Sebastià Serra for his help, 

Philippe Bolton, a master in recorder making,

Barthold Kuijken, my teacher.